What does AVID look like in elementary?

AVID Elementary is based on the same learning foundation that underlies the AVID Elective and AVID Schoolwide philosophies. Whereas AVID Secondary is a combined effort of a dedicated elective class and core content classes to create a schoolwide impact in grades 6–12, AVID Elementary is designed to integrate into the daily routines and curriculum of all elementary classrooms across entire grade levels to impact schoolwide structures. It is important to note that AVID Elementary is not intended to replace the AVID Elective or to be taught in isolation at certain times of the day as in an elective structure.

The intentional systemic approach (Foundations K–2, Foundations 3–6, and Bridges) provides different resources for different levels, settings, and infrastructures (K–8) in order to support all students on their path to college readiness.AVID Elementary classes focus on the lens of WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading) to enhance the designated curriculum, frameworks, and Common Core expectations per grade level. AVID Elementary is a metacognitive methodology that promotes best teaching practices to develop consistency in thinking, processing, and delivering information by both students and teachers.

Every active site has access to a subscription (included as a benefit of membership) to AVID Elementary Weekly, an online differentiation instruction tool that brings the real world to the classroom through current newspaper articles, infographics, and photos. AVID Elementary Weekly can be accessed through AVID's eLearning Platform on MyAVID (my.avid.org).

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