Counselor's Corner

Hello GBE Families – we are starting to see things pop out of the ground as the ground warms up. One of my favorite parts of my job is partnering with families in support of their students. A frequent topic I have with families is finding balance with screen time and in person time. There are so many amazing things about technology when it is used safely and in nominal doses. I encourage everyone to set limits on time in front of a screen and as our weather improves. Let’s get outside and enjoy our beautiful area and the other humans that are all around us.

Getting along with each other is an important life skill that takes practice. Partnering with families and schools goes a long way in this learning. Thanks for being amazing partners with us. I look forward to a great second half of the school year.

Mr. Monson

If you have any information or concerns you would like me to know to start the year off please feel free to reach out through email or phone:
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Dave Monson

Mr. Monson - Gold Bar Elementary Counselor