Cookie dough delivery June 12th 6-7 pm Gold Bar Elementary School.
Kindergarten Registration
Lance "Buddy" Hunt, Dave Monson, Dan Chaplik
FREE Playdough!
Old style micophone
Sky Valley Transportation Cooperative Facility GRAND OPENING 4/2/24 11 AM - 2 PM at 32901 Cascade View Drive, Sultan, WA 98294 FREE HOT DOGS!!
PUBLIC NOTICE:  SPECIAL MEETING: Board Retreat  Date:  Thursday, April 18, 20234  Time: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm  Location:  Sultan School District Office 514 4th Street, Sultan, WA 98294  Purpose:  The purpose of the special meeting is to allow the Board of Directors and Superintendent Dan Chaplik to participate in a Board Retreat to focus on the district budget.
red arrow made of tape on concrete ground next to green and brown leaf
Community Day
PTO mtg
Endurance Challenge
VFW winner
Gavel on white table
Photo by Ricardo Loaiza on Unsplash of sky with clouds that say Hello 2024!
Blue brick wall with white arrow pointing to right
Empty chair
2 arrows pointing up and words that say happy voting